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Bitrock is an Ethereum IBFT 2.0 Proof of Authority (PoA) side chain with near-zero native gas fees and lightning speed block times. On top of having a cost-effective, scalable, and high speed infrastructure, Bitrock will have a unique multichain (DEX) swap where cryptocurrencies can be traded directly on their native chains without the need to use DEX’s native to those chains, hold native chain tokens, or pay gas fees in those native tokens. All of the former can be handled through Bitrock’s native multichain DEX, and all gas is equalized from other chains and paid in native Bitrock.

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Build on Bitrock Blockchain

Fast, Secure, & Scalable

Bitrock is built for scalability, security, and speed (2 second blocktime ~ 12,000 TPS).

Near-zero Gas Fees

For any native Bitrock transaction, gas fees are negligible (~$0.00001).

EVM Compatible

Smart contracts are building blocks for EVM applications. Bitrock is a layer-2 EVM side chain that supports all EVM applications & Bytecodes.

Connect to Network

The Bitrock network is now live and can be publicly accessed. Bitrock supports all EVM deployments & tools such as Metamask, Truffle, and Ethereum Bytecodes.

The Bitrock network can be manually set up on wallets supporting custom chains.

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Bitrock is proud to be working with and supported by the below partners.


  • Building project team
  • Team member role assignment
  • Bitrock socials setup
  • Testnet development
  • Testnet explorer development
  • Faucet Development
  • Testnet release
  • Launch preparation
  • Website launch
  • Socials live
  • Press releases
  • Marketing articles published on major platforms
  • Partnerships with marketing agency
  • Bitrock chain support for doxxed projects
  • More to be announced